Spencer Beach

February 19, 2014

Just a few minutes up the road from Waikoloa is Spencer Beach Park. which has surprisingly good snorkeling.

Bird Wrasse

bird wrasse 3 - IMGP5479

Unknown Butterflies:

butterfly2 - IMGP5463 butterfly3 - IMGP5464

Ornate Butterfly

butterfly5 - IMGP5480

Giant Moray:

moray - IMGP5456

Orange Eye Tang?

tang1 - IMGP5442

Teardrop Butterfly:

teardrop butterfly - IMGP5435

Unknown Urchin:

urchin1 - IMGP5496

scene2 - IMGP5413

wrasse1 - IMGP5444


King’s Trail

February 19, 2014

Waikoloa Resort was built on sacred grounds from the era of King Kamehameha who unified (i.e. conquered) the Hawaiian islands in 1810. ┬áThe King’s Trail passes through the middle of the resort area and has several areas of lava caves and petroglyphs.

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